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Go Green: Five examples how the green revolution can help your business

With global warming and long-term fossil-fuel supplies an issue it’s important for businesses to invest in green solutions.

In Wales we’ve seen a growing number of companies cash-in on the green movement whether it is through new technology and engineering projects – or by cutting their own carbon footprint and adopting more sustainable business practices.

Here are five examples of how businesses can have success by going green, allowing them to save the environment whilst also generating income.

  1. Cut your carbon-footprint
    There are dozens of ways companies can do this. Ecokeg in Bridgend, for example, is helping the beer industry cut transport and cleaning costs by producing low-cost light-weight plastic kegs. South Wales brewery SA Brains is using their product to deliver beer to India.
  2. Diversify into renewable energy
    Marine engineering firm Mainstay, based in Pembroke, has recently built a tidal energy plant for Tidal Energy Ltd. It’s currently harnessing the power of the waves at Ramsay Sound.
  3. Embrace recycling
    As well as being good for the environment, recycling can be big business. In 2015 Llandarcy, Glass Tech Recycling opened Wale’s largest glass processing plant in Swansea – creating nearly 30 jobs in the area. GlassTech take glass waste, clean and process it, for re-use in which ever industry the waste is originated from. It’s a sustainable process which saves their clients millions and has allowed the company to expand.
  4. Become energy efficient
    Chepstow-based enModus has pioneered smart building technology. Their systems allow better control over residential and industrial lighting and energy use. Their WattWave energy monitoring technology is helping people and businesses to cut their carbon footprint and reduce energy costs by up to 30%. They use this tech in their own properties and supply companies across the UK.
  5. Invest in green tech
    Perpetual V2G in Lampeter are helping businesses big and small cut their fuel costs (reducing emissions in the process!) with their patented battery technology. Companies like Sainsbury’s are using their kinetic energy-charged batteries to keep their delivery vans cool when sitting idle. This means the engines can be switched off without the contents of the van spoiling. Company boss Andy Ling has ambitious plans for his tech in the future – including better energy capture from renewable wind and solar plants.

The green revolution is not only a way to save the environment and money for your business – it is also an opportunity for savvy entrepreneurs to make a greater impact on the market.

“There are many high and low tech solutions and business opportunities for SMEs to go green in Wales,” explains Finance Wales’ Technology Seed Fund Manager Dr Melanie Goward. “We’re seeing lots of enterprising green tech firms doing well. But the green revolution is also helping many established companies – from embracing green solutions in the work place like using local suppliers and recycling more – to diversifying into green sectors like Mainstay in Pembrokeshire.”