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What will 2015 hold for your business?

January is traditionally the month when we think about what we want to achieve in the coming year.  According to Finance Wales investment executive Oliver Jenkins reviewing and adapting your business model would be his top tip.

“Adapt, expand and thrive would be my tip for savvy management teams in 2015,” said Mr Jenkins.  “Successful businesses constantly change, and evolution rather than revolution often reaps rewards.  It’s all too easy for businesses to do what they’ve always done and overlook their potential.”

There are lots of factors to consider when building a sustainable business and a strong business model and growth plan, coupled with the right financial backing, confidence and an adaptable approach, can pay real dividends.

Mr Jenkins believes that businesses should actively look for opportunities to improve their internal operations and supply chain as well as their products and services: “Diversifying your product range could be attractive for a number of reasons, as you can often benefit from economies of scale, exploit unused capacity and grow your revenues and margins.”

“Whilst changing trends and new technology may offer opportunities, there are clear cost and efficiency benefits to exploiting untapped potential within your existing markets. If you operate in increasingly crowded domestic markets, expansion into international markets is worth considering.  You may have fewer competitors and could achieve higher margins and increased economies of scale.”

Mr Jenkins is keen to highlight how Finance Wales can help ambitious management teams achieve their growth plans.

“Whether plans require a short or long-term injection of capital, we have a range of available funding from £1,000 to £2 million,” he explains.

Finance Wales’ funding options include working capital; £1,000 - £50,000 micro loans; cash flow-led loans as well as mezzanine and equity packages.  Short-term property development loans are also available for small-scale, non-speculative commercial and residential property projects.

“Funding growth plans effectively will ensure businesses give themselves the best chance of success and we encourage businesses not to pre-judge what they need. We prefer to look at their requirements in detail and come up with a tailored funding package. A traditional loan structure isn’t always the best option and we can profile a more flexible investment to suit a company’s objectives and future profit forecasts, for example,” he said.
“I’m keen to encourage owner-mangers and management teams to think about what 2015 will hold for their business, and whether we can help them to adapt, expand and thrive.” 

Oliver Jenkins is an Investment Executive in Finance Wales’ new investments team.  He works with SMEs in Newport, Caerphilly and Torfaen with a range of funding needs. He is an experienced business banker with expertise in identifying viable business plans and future growth potential.

Article originally from the Business Top Tips, South Wales Argus.